So my website is no longer on Drupal. Shocker.

I still think Drupal is great, And work with it daily, but for a personal site which doesn’t get much in the way of attention it was too much to have a great big CMS to maintain. The recent Drupal security bugs clinched it. I decided to try something new. Jekyll.

No php files with security risks. Just plain old HTML. I couldn’t quite part with my hosting, and liked the idea of plugins so I didn’t go with github pages. But I did like the idea of push to deploy.

So my trusty Raspberry-Pi came to the rescue. With a nifty little build process:

  • I git push to a repo on my pi
  • Pi builds the site
  • Pi ftps the site to my host
  • Pi purges cloudflare

In theory it should be fast and smooth. So more blogging. We will see…