You make a nice build sytem so you can git push to your Rasberry Pi and it will publish to your website. You then kill the Pi by trying to compile the Rust compiler on it and put rebuilding the website onto your list. Life happens, tecnology moves on and teh site sits there doing nothing for an age.

There are people in school now who were not born the last time this was updated.

For much of this time, I was active on social media of various types, but the age of social media is coming to an end, or at least a lull.

So I thought why not try and get the old blog up and running.

I found the code on github, Jekyll is still a thing and there are things I want to try out.

Now github has actions I’m going to try to publish on a push to github in stead, which may just be more reliable than a Pi 1 that had been up for 1000 days.