Drupal Camp Talk

Here is my slide deck from Drupal Camp London 2013

Land of lost clicks.

Using Google analtics you can see if you are hemorrhaging clicks from Google before your site even loads.

Thoughts on internationalization and SEO

I am looking at implementation strategies for a website, it has been a while since I have been in i18n land. So I have been doing some research and I am shocked at the state of things.

Drupal Batch API as simple as possible.

Drupal's batch API is a handy tool for processing multiple items giving you feedback on how a process is going and avoiding page timeouts or memory issues.

All that you need to be able to make use of the batch api is:

  • A batch of items to process
  • A function to wrap items in the batch

So say you wanted to amend a subset of nodes, you could write a query to retrieve the NIDs, create a function to do your amendment and use the batch api.

There is only one parameter you need to know for the batch api array and that is operations.

Upgrading to drupal 7

A couple of notes on this. Which should be obvious. Don't try and do it in a lunch break. Make sure your host gives you enough memory. 32MB won't cut it. Hopefully if you are seeing this it means that I have rectified these mistakes. 

Views3 "Group by"

Drupal 7 is a great improvement over 6, I can't wait for it to be released. However it's progress is eclipsing what could be an even greater improvement to the Drupal ecosystem and that is Views 3

Views is one of the most popular and most useful Drupal modules. Views 2 allows a huge amount of flexibility. Views 3 takes this to an almost unbelievable level.

However the documentation is still catching up. One of the features which has been added is support for SQL group by clauses.

Drupal 7 libraries

I have been working on Drupal 7 sites for a while now, mostly on research projects. I like a lot of the D7 features, and think it is a big step forward over Drupal 6, which wasn't bad to begin with. Most of my work on D7 won’t have modules which will go on Drupal.org, being 'closed' or at least too specific. So I was pleasantly surprised when I was working on a side project to see an opportunity to give a little code back.

A quick XML success story.

XML gets a bad rap from time to time, some criticisms against it are fair, most of the time it is people seem to complain about a bad application of XML and confuse that with the mark-up being bad.

Sometimes though it is just brilliant,


Building an ontology (part1)

I am used to working with semantic web technology, however often the decisions made in some of the ontologies I have seen baffle me. While they are technically correct, they sometimes seem a little strange.

What I realise is that I have not gone through the exercise myself yet. Over the next few months I intend to go through the process of building an ontology, so that I may better understand why things have been done in others that I read.

Notes on creating a mobile site with Drupal.

Some notes after creating a basic mobile tool using Drupal. Not exhaustive research but could be handy to someone trying to do the same.

Created a new theme got rid of all regions bar $content.

Also as we didn’t need them for the app, commented out tabs.

Even if you keep all content in a page small it looks like webkit will still zoom out by default. <meta name = "viewport" content = "initial-scale = 1.0"> sets the zoom level to 1.


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